Scene 1, interior, Surt and Rachel’s apartment…

"I like it when there’s the emotional roller coaster for them, like there is for every other couple. Just because as an actor, it’s not fun to say "I love you" every scene."

✎ Anonymous: I did not know you accept requests. Maybe you can help me, I'm dreaming of a Sam, Mercedes and McCounaghey gifset. And the expressions of the three... even during discussions. can you make, please?

Yeah sometimes I accept request when nobody’s done it already. And sure, but I’m not at home at the moment so I’m gonna do it soon when I have time :)

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✎ Anonymous: can you make a gifset of amber/mercedes during shakin' my head performance?

Yeah sure! I just posted that :)

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Mercedes Jones performing “Shakin’ My Head”

Let’s make a deal. Six months from now, we all come back, right here, to this place, because I’m gonna need something to look forward to. You know, I always thought that Fanny was the role that I was born to play, but then I read this. This is it. This is my dream role, you guys, and thank you so much for pushing me to get it right. x