I know I am better, braver and surer too

I love New York. There’s no where on earth quite like it. There’s no place so alive with endless worlds of possibility. Every time you step outside, you find yourself on an adventure you never could have predicted. Sure, you might get hit by a bus or stop for perogies and end up being human trafficked by a Russian mob, but you just might also find love.

New icon! Credit goes to whydarren who makes this nice graphic. Also, those who were wondering where my last icon come from, it’s from this beautiful fanart :)

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Why do people become actors in the first place, you know? Because we wanna be loved. We’re like a bottomless cup that just constantly needs to be filled with love and validation.

The Opening Night

✎ Anonymous: Do you plan on changing your picture now that there is a larger NYC cast?

Yeah I think so! It’s just kind of hard to find the pict where all of them there. But once I found it, I’ll change it :)

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